People who want to be thought leaders in AI

Mastering Artificial Intelligence is aimed at people who want to take their understanding of AI to the next level.

The content on this website will take you beyond the throwaway  buzzwords and repetitive narratives that typify most popular coverage, past the mathematics, computer code and jargon found at the coal face – and into the realm of real understanding.

If you can relate to one of the following situations then Mastering Artificial Intelligence could be what you need:

  • Have you ever read a newspaper article about AI and been suspicious about some of the claims – but you can’t quite see where the thinking has gone wrong?
  • Do you have a sense that some high-profile commentators might not understand AI quite as well as they should, given the size of their platform – but you’re not confident that you’d do any better?
  • Maybe you’re wondering about the sort of problems that are best solved using AI – but are not sure how to actually identify those problems in a real business situation?
  • Perhaps you run a data science team which is using AI more and more, but deep down you’re not totally confident that you could explain how AI software differs from data science software. What’s special about AI, and why?
  • If you avidly consume media reports on AI then maybe you’re looking for something that will provide a deeper understanding – but you don’t have the time to deal with complex math, code and lots of meaningless acronyms?
  • You might be involved with coding AI systems but although you’re right into the detail you are always on the lookout for fresh insights that will sharpen your perspective and provide you with an intellectual edge over peers.
  • Or maybe you write about AI but feel that the constant pressure of deadlines prevents you from taking the time  to really understand your subject.

Mastering Artificial Intelligence contains compelling answers to all of these questions, and 100s more.

You do not need a computer science degree or coding ability to be able fully benefit from Mastering Artificial Intelligence.

The only prerequisites are a genuine interest in the subject, a willingness to be open minded and think critically and a basic level of scientific literacy – which means that you ideally took some combination of physics, math, chemistry or biology at school.