eBooks: Premium Content

Although the podcast format is deal for delivering the sort of long-form content needed on a show like Mastering Artificial Intelligence, one of the problems is that listeners have nothing to take away at the end of a listening session.

It is not possible to take notes while driving or walking and it is inconvenient to do so while relaxing or performing manual tasks.

This means that the insights, arguments and thought experiments contained in a given podcast are likely forgotten in a few months, and the same goes for references to books, research papers and other learning resources.

To address this problem I thought it would be a good idea to offer a written version of each podcast, which will take the form of an eBooklet of between 5 and 10 pages.

In addition, each of the 11 Modules on Mastering Artificial Intelligence comes with its own eBook which runs to between 100 and 200 pages.

I need to stress right away that the content of the eBooklets and eBooks are definitely not simply verbatim transcripts of the podcasts – which would not

What we need is content that is optimized for the audio format – the podcasts – and different content that is optimized for the written format – the eBooklets and eBooks.

So the eBooklets and eBooks  are specially-authored documents that typically contain images, graphics and diagrams that cannot be delivered via audio. You will also often find written content that builds on the points made in the podcast, or even more detailed content that is not in the podcast at all.

The 250 eBooklets are written in the form of a PDF white paper, article or blog post while each  of the 11 eBooks takes the form of a PDF management report.

But while all podcasts are free, you’ll need to pay to access the eBooklets and eBooks.

The way to pay is to support me on Patreon where there are two payment plans:

  • eBooklets only: from $1.00 / month
  • eBooklets and eBooks: from $5.00 / month

Keep in mind that Patreon allows you to stop and restart monthly payments at any time.

What is Patreon?

Patreon connects people like me with people like you and is  based on a brilliant idea…

Some content creators (like me) would love to focus on producing great content full time, but they can’t because they would be unable to support themselves financially.

Some content consumers (like you?) are willing to pay a little bit each month in return for regularly receiving high-quality content they can’t get anywhere else.

Patreon is the intermediary needed that provides me with a pathway to a stable monthly income so that Mastering Artificial Intelligence could one day become a full-time job, rather than a side project which is the case right now.

If you’re one of the few who who would be interested in supporting me financially then you can do so by visiting my page on Patreon and ‘pledging’ a monthly amount from as little as $1.00, which you can stop at any time.

If you’d prefer to make a one-off payment instead then you can do that by pledging a single amount and then stopping payments after the the first one has been made.

In return for your support you’ll be able to receive the eBooklets that accompany each podcast (from $1.00 / month) or the eBooklets and eBooks that accompany each Module (from $5.00 / month).

What’s in the eBooklets and eBooks?

Remember that these are not just written transcripts of the podcasts, which woudl be of no value.

For one thing, the eBooklets and eBooks contain numerous graphics and images that support the points being made but which cannot be conveyed in a podcast.

Another point is that the eBooks tell the complete story of the subject matter of each Module, so there is an Executive Summary, and Introduction and the body content is structured in sections, just as you’d expect to see in an eBook.

The writing style of is that of a management report which you can share with work colleagues.

What comes first, the eBook or the podcasts?

The eBook comes first.

The only way I can properly get to grips with a topic – say neuroscience – is to research it as I would if I had to write a report on that topic.

So you need to scope the subject, identify the key sub-topics, research each sub-topic, generate insights and then create a narrative that links together the key ideas into a single report. And you have to crystallize the key insights and ideas in a few sentences.

It is only when I’ve done this – which takes many 100s of hours per module – that I’m ready to start thinking about how to segment the report into individual podcasts and eBooklets.

Having gone through the process of having to write an actual ‘report’ all the arguments will be very clear in my mind, so it’s then fairly easy to talk through the subject matter in detail when I’m looking at the report.

This means that the verbatim of what I say on the podcast is related to, but different from what’s written in the report: the report and the podcast are different things entirely, although they both containing the same ideas.

How will I receive the eBooklets and eBooks?

Patreon will tell me when you’ve chosen to support me. I’ll then email you a link to a Dropbox folder that contains the eBookets / eBooks that have been published up until that point in time.

And, yes, as one of my Patrons you’ll get immediate access to all historic and future eBooklets or eBooks.

Unless you tell me you don’t want emails, then you’ll also receive alerts when new content is published or when I make changes to previously-published material.