Podcasts are free

Mastering Artificial Intelligence contains about 250 podcasts, each of which is between 30 and 60 mins in duration.

The 250 podcasts are structured into into 11 topic-specific Modules which together cover the whole AI field.

This makes for a total volume of programming of between 150 and 300 hours.

Ad you’d expect, the podcasts are free and there are no listening or distribution limits.

You can access the podcasts on this website or via iTunes and Stitcher.

Each of the 11 Modules comprises about around 10 to 20 hours of podcast programming broken down into around 20 individual podcasts.

Each podcast comes with its own dedicated eBooklet while each Module has its own eBook.

The approximately 250 eBookets and 11 eBooks which compliment the podcasts are not simply transcripts of what I say in the podcasts.

Instead, the eBooklets and eBooks are specially-created documents that contain numerous images and graphics and other detail that is not in the podcast.

Equally, the podcasts contain numerous nuances, diversions, anecdotes and humor not found in the eBooklets/eBooks.

The key ideas covered in the podcasts and eBooklets/eBooks are the same but the detailed content is adapted to take advantage of the unique properties offered by audio and written media formats.