Become a strategic expert in AI

My goal is to take your understanding of AI up to that of a “strategic expert.”

What does that mean?

It means that by the end of this programme others will respect you because they will clearly see that you know what you’re talking about.

It means that by the end of this programme you will be able to engage in a meaningful way with leading practitioners who work in the field of AI.

And it means that by the end of this programme you will be able to help conceptualize, frame and direct AI projects.

But Mastering Artificial Intelligence is not going to explain how to code AI algorithms – there are plenty of excellent online programmes that already do that. For example, you could take Andrew Ng’s excellent course on deep learning which comes with a lot of free video material here.

Instead, Mastering Artificial Intelligence is pitched at a higher level and will equip you with a type understanding that many AI programmers lack.

In the coming years, the most important skill-set in AI will shift from ‘math/code’ to ‘strategic expertise’ – which means being able to clearly understand how AI works and how it can be improved, having the imagination to see how AI can be applied to solve real problems and having the intellectual horsepower to shape, define and direct AI projects.

A ‘strategic expert’ can also, when needed, challenge thinking that doesn’t make sense or confidently admit to not being able to follow vague thinking (in which case, others will thank you for speaking up because they will likely feel the same).

Mastering Artificial Intelligence is intended to deliver the following specific benefits:

  • Strong conceptual understanding of how advanced AI systems work
  • Completely new and improved perspective on the ‘big’ questions in AI, such as what intelligence ultimately is, where intelligence ends and consciousness begins  and the difference between human intelligence and artificial intelligence
  • A good intuitive feel for what AI can and cannot do. In other words, a good sense for the boundary that separates the ‘doable’ from the ‘undoable’
  • The breadth of knowledge and confidence needed to understand or even conceptualise AI projects, help direct AI project teams and understand the practical implications of major AI research announcements
  • The knowledge to  critically analyse media reports about AI, review AI-related business proposals and evaluate AI projects in order to identify the strengths and weaknesses, and ways to improve
  • For those already equipped with the requisite gravitas and business experience, be able to confidently perform in the C-suite, engage meaningfully with the CEOs of AI startups

This might seem like a tall order – but the above describes where I need to get to in AI, and you could get there as well if you join me on Mastering Artificial Intelligence.