I have the breadth and depth to clearly explain AI

My name is Andrew Sheehy and I will be your host on Mastering Artificial Intelligence.

I have a strong engineering background which is based on 15 years in electronics and telecoms engineering where I held a range of design, development and management positions at Marconi Instruments, Standard Telephones and Cables (STC), Northern Telecom, Telstra New Zealand and PipingHot Networks (now Cambium Networks).

I then spent 12 years, managing an technology industry research company, Nakono (formerly Generator Research) which focused on digital disruption and provided premium content to many of the world’s most prestigious technology and media brands. During this time I led a team of 10 and personally authored over 10,000 pages of research content on topics right across the digital economy – including artificial intelligence.

More recently I have been reconnecting with my engineering roots by conceiving and architecting software solutions, developing novel IP in the field of video watermarking, directing software development projects and understanding the mathematical foundations and philosophical context of artificial intelligence.

I have always been driven to deeply understand complex topics and enjoy that rush of excitement when  a new insight changes your perception of a subject or allows you to see how to advance the state of the art.

This passion for understanding has always driven me, initially as I sought to deeply understand the ‘back art’ of microwave electronics. And it drove me during the years 12 years I was a professional technology industry analyst as I sought to understand how complex technology markets worked, as well as the overall macroeconomic context.

And my quest to see reality as as it is will give me with the energy I need while tacking my greatest intellectual challenge to date, which is to deeply understand artificial intelligence, share that understanding with others using this website and, hopefully, to play a role in advancing the state of the art.

I hold a B.Sc. (Hons) degree in electronics from Salford University and an MBA degree from London Business School.